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Our Mission
By acting as a link between those who can help and those who need help, we seek to make an all round progress and thereby riding poverty, blindness and other diseases and improve standards of living.
Asian Foundation for Help was established in 1983 to work as a link between those who can help and those who need help in Asia and the Third World countries, such as Blind, needy and disabled people.

Although its collection for the blind people in the developing countries is far more well known, it cares for the ill and the infirm, the poor and needy in the countries of Asia and Africa. As well as collecting more than one million pounds over the last seventeen years, it has also sent over tons of used clothing to India, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania and to Uganda.

AFH has major dealings with other prominent organisations in India. It has also sent help for the needy through the Royal Commonwealth Society - Sight Savers, Oxfam, The Save the Children Fund, Action Aid and the St John Ambulance Service.

The organisation has Trustees and workers who collect funds relentlessly from all strata of life, never refusing a donation - whether it be 10p or £ 1000.00 and acknowledging the donor thankfully with a receipt.

The Trustees have been doing this from shop to shop, home to home and from place to place; be it a sat-sung, a havan or even a coffee meeting.

All collections are deposited in the bank, and funds collected are sent to the organisations that cater for the poor and needy. Every donation made is authenticated with a receipt from respective organisation In the case of RCSB, certificates of the Eye camps held in the name of Asian Foundation for Help and individual donors obtained for their help.

The Foundation is a registered Charity and submits its accounts to the Charity Commission annually.

Its administrative cost is negligible and amounts to hardly 0.25% of the total donations or funds collected so far. (25p for every £ 100.00) All Trustees and Volunteers work on a no fee basis and do not even claim any incidental expenses.

The Asian Community needs to be identified as a promoter of charities for humanity. We seek your active support for this identification.

Besides working for the blind, poor and the needy under the banner of the Asian Foundation for Help, we aim in preserving and strengthening our cultural heritage of Gujarat and forging a link between all Gujaratis all over the world.

We also apply modern management techniques in tackling problems of poverty in India and help in our own way in bringing as many villagers as possible above the poverty line. In this light, we are at GRAM JYOTI, - BALA SINOR sponsoring children from the rural areas and educating them. This is devoted solely to the activities of improving village life, mainly at economic level and leading to the improvement in social and educational fields and to the better health of children and women. Centred around a basic fact that poor person needs the right help once - and with the first boost, he will rise to make an all round progress and thereby riding of poverty.

" Help him not to remain poor all time. Help him that he becomes our equal. "

We can help in eradicating blindness in India by the end of this century by taking our services to the doors of the needy. We have every faith in our people and hope that they will appreciate this sincere aspiration and help us generously in turning this aspiration into achievement.

Our ultimate aim is to create awareness for charity through religious understanding.

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