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Village Adoption for Development - Devkundipada, Maharastra
On 30th January 1998, during the prayer meeting organized by AFH, it was proposed that based on ideals of Mahatma Gandhi that progress must start with the development of small villages, Asian Foundation for Help decided to adopt a village for development.
After a mammoth task, Devkundipada, a small village located approx 60km from Mumbai in Taluka Vasai, District Thane in Maharastra with a population of approx. 250 was selected for adoption and a five-year plan implemented to develop this.
Villagers here are lacking in essential facilities like health, Education, Water supply, Employment and Sanitation. Furthermore, the village remains totally disconnected from main land for 7 months each year due to a lack of bridge over the river and connecting roads.
Taking into account the local problems of this and adjacent villages, AFH conducted diagnostic research and have realized that malnutrition, diarrhea, tuberculosis are quite common in addition to health and education.
Subsequently, free medicines for this cure are being distributed and the villagers are being made aware of personal hygiene. A primary school, Balwadi was started from academic year June 1998 and textbooks; educative games etc have been freely distributed.
The following additional plans are in hand and funding is required as shown to make them happen:

Treating malnutrition, diarrheal diseases, tuberculosis and hypertension.
Vaccine programming for Polio, measeals and triple vaccines. Family Planning. Requirements: Estimated cost: Rs.25 Lakhs:

  • Health Center Building including 10 rooms and an Operatory
  • Monthly Diagnostic and Treatment camps by specialists
  • Vaccination and family Planning Programme
  • Educating and Persuading villagers for maintenance of personal hygiene
  • Providing nutrition for growing children

We would like to promote each class in every academic year.
Free distribution of text books, note books and educational games.
Construction of school Buildings.
Requirements: Estimated cost: Rs. 28 Lakhs

  • Construction of School Building including 10 classrooms and 1 office
  • Two toilets and wash rooms
  • Drinking water tank
  • Playground for physical education
  • Stationery Garden and maintenance
Water Supply

At present, a single open well is used for drinking water. We plan to provide purer water by separate pipeline through the well or river.
Requirements: Estimated cost: Rs. 5 Lakhs

  • Purification of river and well water and its supply via pipelines to each house

Construction of toilet facilities for each house separately is considered to control diarrheal diseases. A separate drainage pipe is also proposed for drinking water.
Requirements: Estimated cost: Rs. 5 Lakhs

  • Provision of Toilets and bathrooms and closed drainage pipelines to each house
Bridge Construction

Construction of a bridge over the nearby river shall assist transportation and logistics.
Requirements: Estimated cost: Rs. 10 Lakhs

  • Construction of a bridge approx 400mtrs long, Height 300 mtrs, width 40 mtrs and connecting roads 7 kms long
Craft Education

Training for the handicraft to be provided to the villagers with end products to be sold in Mumbai to provide employment and income to the villagers.
Requirements: Estimated cost: Rs. 2 Lakhs

  • Training for creation of handicrafts, raw materials and transportation for its sale.

Villagers to be trained and encouraged to use in modern techniques of farming and logistics provided to sell their produce in Mumbai.
Requirements: Estimated cost: Rs.3.5 Lakhs

  • Provision of training of farming, seeds, plants and transport.