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Eye Camps

Asian Foundation for Help has been an active supporter of the fight against Blindness and in its activities really raised awareness amongst the donors and the needy, in fact to such an extend that they were the pioneers in developing the  “Eye Camps” concept where they take the treatment to the under privileged and the needy.

AFH works in partnership with various charities on a regular basis to promote this concept. AFH have donated equipment, ambulances and mobile vans (mini buses) for transportation of Doctors, Nurses and officials to an from the place (village) where the eye camp is to be held and also assist the patients to come to the camp. 

These are carried our in the following stages:

  1. A sponsor will request AFH to carry out an eye camp in a village or town of his or her choice (within reason) or alternatively let AFH to decide where to have the camp. Sometimes, the sponsor would wish that the camp is held say on their birthday, anniversary etc or coordinate the same with their visit to their home town/village.
  2. AFH shall contact the local charity or organisation and request a camp be held per the wishes of the sponsor.
  3. The organisation will check and arrange accordingly with the local volunteers and hospitals. If the exact date is not available, they try and adjust the same at the nearest possible date, which is in turn related to the sponsor.
  4. The eye camp will be advertised in the village and surrounding areas by leaflets, and word of mouth basis.
  5. The name of the sponsor and all associated is promoted on all advertising materials so the locals are also aware to the eye camp and the sponsors.
  6. It is made clear that the treatment is totally free to all.
  7. On the day, tests are made on all patients who attend. If needed, patients are advised if cataract operations are required.
  8. Medicine if any required and reading glasses are provided where necessary
  9. If patients have to be operated, they will be taken to hospital together with a family member. If necessary they will be kept over night
  10. All this is provided free of charge.
A full report on the eye camp together with photos, certified list with names of the patients treated is sent to AFH in London for onward transmission to the sponsor

On average about 200-250 patients are treated at each eye camp of which between 20 and 30 get operated.

All the above is carried out at a minimal cost of £ 250.00. (Pounds Two hundred and Fifty) which equates to roughly £ 1.00 - £ 1.25 per patient treated.

Further information about this can be obtained by contacting the Secretary AFH or online @ www.asianfoundation.org.uk.