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Some of the Best Reasons to Give

Some of the best reasons to give are the ones you may not have considered - the ones that make it worth your while to go that extra step. People who have contributed money to a charity report that they get back in satisfaction and joy more than they ever expend in inconvenience or effort - what you get back is immeasurable. You'll also receive these benefits:

  • Giving helps keep taxes and other costs down.
  • Giving returns to society some of the benefits society gives you.
  • Giving lets those who have more, share with those who have less.
  • Giving encourages more giving - you can set an example for others.

It's What in the World You Can Do!

You might be thinking, "The little bit that I can do will never help much!" or "What in the world can I do?" If you've ever spent ten minutes reading a book to a lonely child, you know that even that small amount of compassion and attention can make a world of difference. No one person can solve the world's problems, but what little you do can make your little corner of the world-or one far away from yours a happier, healthier, safer place to live for those who need your help. Each of us can right a wrong, fill a plate, visit a shut-in or clean up a park - and that does make a difference for us all!